Albemarle County Medical Society


Annual membership dues for ACMS is $150 ($155 electronic payments), runs from September through August, and includes attendance for the member at the Annual Meeting and at each of the remaining seven general membership meetings. Dues for those joining only in the latter half of the membership year starting in January or later is $80.

Type Amount (for electronic payment) Link
Full Membership (Automatic Annual Renewal) $155 Pay
Full Membership (One-time) $155 Pay
Student Membership (Annual Subscription) $25 Pay
Interns/Residents/Fellows Membership (One-time) $76 Pay
Guest Visit $55 Pay
Exhibitor $1005 Pay

Membership inquiries are best made to the ACMS Executive Secretary, best contacted via email at: Alternatively, she will return your voice message left on the ACMS phone line at (434) 234-4607 . You may also contact any of the ACMS Board Members with membership inquiries.

Dues may be paid by check mailed to ACMS at the address below or online.

Albemarle County Medical Society
PO Box 1411
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone: 434|305-6733

Membership Application